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Glass Onion: On John Lennon

Welcome to 'Glass Onion: On John Lennon', a podcast deep dive into the music and complex psychology of an icon who lived many lifetimes within his 40 years. The show also looks a contextual look at the time in which he lived and includes discussions with people who knew him and many who have written about him.

By Antony Rotunno

May 12, 2024

What better way to mark Glass Onion’s century than with a traditional multi-parter? In the first of two shows to celebrate our milestone, Antony is joined again by Scott Phipps to take a whistle-stop, greatest hits tour through John Lennon and the decade that made him and which he helped propel into history.

Scott puts on his ‘Rainbow Valley’ trousers (see show notes) to sketch out each year for us before we each pick a Beatles/Lennon talking point for discussion. This time we tackle 1960 to 1964 as our hero goes from pure rocker to public figure and part of a national obsession. He also starts to wonder if songwriting could be more than ‘I love you and you love me’.

Thanks to all those who’ve been on the Glass Onion journey, especially those who’ve consumed every episode and left inspiring and generous feedback



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