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Glass Onion: On John Lennon

Welcome to 'Glass Onion: On John Lennon', a podcast deep dive into the music and complex psychology of an icon who lived many lifetimes within his 40 years. The show also looks a contextual look at the time in which he lived and includes discussions with people who knew him and many who have written about him.

By Antony Rotunno

Jun 5, 2024

And so we complete the milestone!

Scott Phipps once again joins Antony to complete their whistle-stop, greatest hits tour through John Lennon and the 1960s. Scott gives us a brief sketch of each year through a few news events (some extremely random but no less interesting) before our two intrepid heroes each pick a Beatles/Lennon talking point, this time covering the years 1965 to 1969.

Thanks once more to all those who’ve been on the Glass Onion journey. My heart has truly been touched by the interest shown in what has been a 5-and-a-half-year odyssey exploring the utterly unique creature that was and is John Lennon.

He has been gone from this earth for over 43 years now, but – forgive the cliché – the music lives on, and with modern technology allowing us to access untold amounts of interviews, alternate takes, documentaries and the like, he’s arguably never been more alive than right now.

Glass Onion: On John Lennon will continue, and the next couple of episodes are already well into the planning stage.

For now, enjoy!!


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