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Glass Onion: On John Lennon

Welcome to 'Glass Onion: On John Lennon', a podcast deep dive into the music and complex psychology of an icon who lived many lifetimes within his 40 years. The show also looks a contextual look at the time in which he lived and includes discussions with people who knew him and many who have written about him.

By Antony Rotunno

Mar 31, 2020

Jason and I conclude our talk, this time choosing (and waxing lyrical about) what we consider to be John Lennon's best songs, spanning a 15-year period. There are multiple audio clips to keep you interested and to complement our conversation.


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Mar 26, 2020

Jason Barnard of the Strange Brew podcast joins me in the first of a 2-parter looking at John Lennon's best and worst songs. This time we tackle the worst, bearing in mind that being the 'worst' of JL's songs doesn't necessarily make them bad. Part 2 coming very soon


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Mar 19, 2020

Dave and I conclude our look at John Lennon's remarkable 1970 with the aid of multiple sound clips. After last week's set up, we get to 3 major events, which are John's 'Primal Therapy' treatment, his inflammatory 'Lennon Remembers' December interview with Rolling Stone magazine and finally the seminal 'Plastic Ono...

Mar 5, 2020

Music professor and Beatles podcaster Dave Thurmaier joins me to talk about the remarkable year of 1970 and John Lennon's part in it. In Part 1, we start with events of the year, films and non-Lennon music before delving into the 'Instant Karma' and the break-up of the Beatles. Part 2 coming next week


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